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Hardcore gay porn interrupts TV news broadcast

Posted by warmonkey on April 23, 2012
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Hardcore gay pornography was accidentally played during a local morning news broadcast on a Canadian television channel.

On Friday morning, around three minutes of indecent sex scenes were played to viewers of CHCH-TV in Hamilton, Ontario, according toThe Hollywood Reporter.

The broadcast was also played in some homes in the Canadian capital Ottawa.

The station’s vice president of news Mike Katrycz issued an apology, explaining that the pornography originated at a local cable company.

The company had accidentally inserted the wrong programming during a repair of cut cable lines. Because the content originated off-site, it took station controllers a few minutes to take it off the air.

Katrycz stated: “In the splicing together, unfortunately, some inappropriate content went to air.

“Of course, we know there are kids out there, there are people who don’t want this in their homes and would never invite this in our homes.”


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…and the question of the day goes to…

Posted by warmonkey on March 22, 2012
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BiscuitBakingBorb of Reddit, for the brilliant:

My friend built a robot pig for him to have sex with? Is this….moral?


My friend made a disturbing confession to me that he is into beastiality but never wants to hurt an animal. He showed me the most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen in my life. He built a robot pig for him to have sex with. It is a body made of paper mache with a realistic pig head statue on it. He put it on one of those roomba robot vaccum things so it moves around. And…he inserted a fleshlight into the back of it, so he can have sex with it. He also has this mp3 thing on it with little speakers that make pig squealing sounds. So he tells me has sex with this thing every day. Um….what am i to make of this??? Is this an ethical thing?

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