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Alison Star

Posted by admin on August 02, 2014
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They say chocolate is an aphrodisiac, and I banging believe it after seeing midnight beauty, Alison Star, smother herself in it like a piggy in mud. But let's rewind a bit. There are hot bods in porn, and then they are searing-hot ones that beg instant bookmarking. Alison has one of those rocking, NUCLEAR-HOT figures. With giant cannons, thin waist, darling features and legs so slender and tone that there's actually space between her inner thighs - in short, she's to die for and her method for getting off? Death by chocolate!

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JC Simpson, Bruce Venture

Posted by admin on July 31, 2014
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Ever hear a cute bitch moan and groan while she's eating a flavorsome, piping hot dish of her favorite food? After having a bite of her meat-lovers pizza, JC Simpson finds herself suddenly and uncontrollably turned on! So much, that she strips down to her skivvies, while still eating, and teases her pretty little twat! She savors every bit of her mouth-watering pizza before Bruce shows up and sees that foreplay has already been taken care of. He whips out his own sausage. She turns her appetite on his weiner and sucks him off hungrily. Still grabbing for seconds and thirds as she's getting fucked missionary, JC combines both her cravings for food and sex in one steamy food fuck! Wait til the end, when she finally gets her favorite toppings...


Food Bangers

Posted by warmonkey on May 13, 2009
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I thought as I’d not posted anything really interesting for a while, I’d better actually put some effort in today, so this is my third post.

As quite a bit of the traffic here is linked to the chicken sex article, I thought I’d be nice and find some less disturbing chicken porn, which led me to this doozy.



But hey, why stop at avian porn!? Why stop with fowl when you can have some fine Italian cuisine!

Spaghetti porn


Or maybe you’d prefer a hotdog…hotdog

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Mr Peanut

Posted by warmonkey on December 17, 2008
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So, who can tell me where the fuck this comes from then?


We still haven’t found the source, but the chaps over at spastics forums have unearthed this:

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