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Stella Marie, Ralph Long

Posted by admin on June 28, 2014
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Slutty blonde midget walks along Venice Beach looking for some company. She meets a curious dude in a store, and they get to know one another a little before he agrees to join her back at her hotel room. She sits back on her bed and pulls her skirt down to free her tits before going to work mouthing his hard dong. She lays back and he settles between her legs to bang her missionary, and she takes his penis doggy style and while getting spooned. He finally pulls out and blows his load all over her stomach.

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Trinity Maxx, Nikko Soprano

Posted by Midget Porn Pass on June 28, 2014
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Good lord, seeing this kind of goblin could give someone nightmares! And after Trinity Maxx sees him, well, she's not creeped out at all. In fact, when she sees his thick dickhead, she gets turned on so much that she sucks him off! Her husband was so thoughtful to get her this midget fucker, and she wasn't going to let the gift go to waste! He opens up her legs and devours her vagina, and then slides his dong deep inside of her pink vagina, pumping away at her from behind. He bangs that hole for days and gives the blonde wife a ton of cum to drink. Do you think the husband's suspicious that the gargoyle doesn't have pants on anymore?

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Mini Mya, Valentino

Posted by admin on June 26, 2014
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Walking through an adult scene store Mini Mya is looking for Valentino so she can get lucky today. It has always been a fantasy of his to get with a midget so he invites her to go somewhere more private. She gives him a little strip tease and shakes her ass for him, pulling him off the couch he stands in front of her. She easily reaches his dick and stands there to suck on it. He lays her back on a stool, squishes her tits together and rams his boner into her firm little hole. She has to stand on the couch and bend over to have her rump reach his penis before riding him like a bull and filling her mouth with jiz.

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Gwen Summers, Tiny Tim, Nikko Soprano

Posted by Midget Porn Pass on June 26, 2014
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Two testosterone-filled midgets in a ring with a sexy redheaded referee? Does she think that she's not going to feel their wrath? They don't kick her anus though; because when the winner wants to celebrate, he goes over to Gwen and takes out his cock for her to suck on! She happily plunges his swollen shlong down her throat, looking up at him while she licks it up and down and damn near chokes on it. Then she gets on top of him in the corner of the ring and rides his stiffy in her firm coochie. The little midget still has the energy to plow the hell out of her, and he fucks her from behind until he shoots ejaculate in her face.

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Erika Vieira, Natiel

Posted by admin on June 21, 2014
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Life is good for these two lushes as they lie side by side on their massage beds. Erika is a sexy brunette babe, her long legs stretching for miles and her eyes have a dirty twinkle in them. Beside her, Natiel's short frame is emphasized, but what he lacks in stature he makes up for with his animal magnetism. Erika is drawn to his cock which stands proud and erect at his waist. She points her tongue and runs it up and down the length of his shlong while he lies back comfortably. She climbs on top of him and presses her coochie onto his mouth before sliding down to ride his manhood. When he comes she takes the condom and pours his jizz over her boobs.

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Sierra, Napolean, Chuy Bravo

Posted by Midget Porn Pass on June 21, 2014
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Sierra is one of the most uninhibited dark women around, and she just so happens to have the opportunity to fuck two midgets at once. It's rare enough to watch interracial midget pumping with one midget, let alone two! Napolean and Chuy make quick work of her muff, pushing their midget fingers deep inside of her and getting her to go hard core. She has one at her twat and the other one kneading at her tits, getting her so dripping that she almost covers the pair of midgets in her playful, delicious slit juice.

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Natalia, Sei La

Posted by admin on June 19, 2014
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If you love watching a midget getting sucked and fucked by a hot blond, then you are in luck! Here's Natalia living out her fetish with Cesinha by letting him kiss her soft, soft body right before he strips her down to play with her slot... but all this hot blond can think about is her little guy starting to get jumbo and hard. He's so talented with his pecker that she doesn't even notice his height, all she knows is that he's got what it takes to make her ejaculate and it turns out that she's got the perfect pair of melons for him to cover with jizz.

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Sindee Williams, Zazie, Twigget, Johnny Thrust, Chuy Bravo

Posted by Midget Porn Pass on June 19, 2014
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Holy shit, do you think Twigget the Midget has any chance in the squared circle against Huge Bertha? I think her boobs are bigger than she is! They both talk a good game, but what's going to happen in the ring? Twigget tries to wear her out by running around, but then Bertha gets her down and starts stripping her clothes off. Now that she has her under her control, she buries her tongue inside her nano hairy muff, and then rubs her own fat dripping slit before getting her pussy eaten by her and then banged by her strap-on for the pin! But wait until you see the match with Bertha and Sindee Williams, when these fat bangs scream in ecstasy!

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Fabiana, Zezinho

Posted by admin on June 14, 2014
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While Fabiana may be of normal height she soon finds out that little Zezinho is quite capable too. With his tongue he is able to bring moans of pleasure when licking wet snatch. She returns the favor by licking and mouthing his firm shlong. Blowing his first load all over her stomach he continues with more foreplay. Next we see her on her back while his rod is ramming her womanhood. She moans in pleasure as he pushes in and out. Doggy style she feels his dickhead push deep into her cooche and pants out her pleasure. She switches up and rides his knob up and down like a pro. On her back again he jams his meatstick into her. Pulling out and standing he finishes.

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Stella Marie, Justin Long

Posted by admin on June 12, 2014
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This dirtymidget sex flick will make you feel dirty just watching it! Sweet little blond midget Stella Marie has been drinking for some real sized shlong for ages, and finally she hooks up with dark guy Justin Long. Justin lives up to his name, with an extremely large dickhead that fills up a regular babe's mouth, let alone a nano midget's! Stella is barely more than 3 feet tall, and unfortunately her little coochie is far too tiny to accommodate a ebony wang of Justin's size. However, this horny cocksucker won't be put off, taking Justin's tool in both hands and spitting on it. She uses an excellent twisting motion while she sucks!

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