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Mini Mya, Donny Long

Posted by admin on June 07, 2014
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Luscious little stuntcock Micro Mya might be afflicted with chronic dwarfism, but it's not going to stop her from getting her fuck on! She gets naked and spreads her chubby legs while she masturbates with a blue dildo. Like many dwarfs, what Tiny lacks in height she makes up for in curves, with a really fat pair of natural breasts and a shaved, beefy pussy. Full sized stud Donny Long feeds her his enormous weiner before he lays her out on her back and screws her good. Donny is extremely well hung and it is really surprising that Micro can take the full length into her firm little cunt. She swallows the cumload like a good little starlet, too!

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Angela, Ronaldo

Posted by admin on June 05, 2014
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Ronaldo is a pint sized midget with a full-sized meatstick! His girl for the day is attractive Latina prostitute Angela, who has certainly taken an orgasm from smaller weiners than Ronaldo's! This babe loves it, going down on the pint sized guy and managing to suck his 6 inch meatstick right down to the base. Then she gets it in her dripping, shaved pussy, and she doesn't seem to mind that Ronaldo is barely 4 feet tall - he's got a superior penis and it's making her fuckhole feel so good that she just wants more and more! The shlong goes back in her mouth at the end of this midget sex clip, and Ronaldo blows his wad right in Angela's mouth.

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Yasmin, Natiel

Posted by admin on May 31, 2014
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Everyone is curious about midgets. You require to know how large their dickheads are, and how good they are in bed. Well Yasmin gets all of her answers in the video starring Natiel the midget. Natiel loves the average size babes and whips out his weiner for her to suck it. Yasmin spends a lot of time blowing on it and while it isn't the largest manhood, there are full size men who have smaller shafts so he has enough to get the job done. Except for the size factor, banging a midget is pretty well the same as a full size guy.

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Sara Ribeiro, Sei La

Posted by admin on May 29, 2014
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There's nothing hotter than a slutty starlet ready to go! Sara Ribeiro loves the feel of her boobs as she pushes them together and how dripping her pink muff feels as she slides her fingers deep inside. But nothing turns this dirty model on more than Cesinha, who's a super horny midget! She has her way with him, stroking and blowing on his juicy prick, which makes her slit soaking juicy. He may be small, but he knows how to satisfy his women! Sara continues to moan the whole time his manhood is inside of her until his shaft finally shoots out some hot cream.

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Stella Marie, Seth Dickens

Posted by admin on May 24, 2014
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Pornstar Seth Dickens heads out one night. He strikes up a conversation with tiny blonde midget Stella Marie, who giggles everytime that the good-looking dude looks at her. Seth takes the dirty young tart into the back room, where he gets the midget naked and screws her! The fact that she barely comes past his waist isn't going to stop a virile dude like Seth. This stud would fuck anything with a cooter! Stella wraps her little mouth around the prodigious, full-sized shlong and then she lies back while the full-sized male skewers her in her tiny little bald cunt hole.

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Mini Mya, Lee Bang

Posted by admin on May 22, 2014
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Blonde midget Mini Mya is out and about and on the prowl when she bumps into a curious dark man at a restaurant. After some conversation, agrees to go back to her place with her, and she's on her knees blowing his hard meatstick in no time. She struggles to stuff as much of that hefty penis into her mouth as she can, and he lays beside her to bang her bald coochie while spooning her. She climbs on top to bounce on his penis like a cowgirl, and he bends her over to pound her doggy style before he finally gives her a messy facial.

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Carol, Natiel

Posted by admin on May 17, 2014
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Natiel is a chubby little midget with a penis that is a lot longer than you would think a little stuntcock would have. He likes average height beauties and in this movie he is pounding Carol a hot slim Latina chick that gets off on the freakier side of sex. Nigel wastes no time getting her to suck on his penis before he rips off her shirt and sucks on her nipples and tries to shove his tongue down her throat. Unlike most guys Natiel doesn't have to kneel down to bang this whore from behind, he can stand up and ram her butt. He may not be full size, but this little midget has the moves to please the tall girls.

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Erika Vieira, Zezinho

Posted by admin on May 15, 2014
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Sexy half-Asian starlet Erika Vieira loves to be fucked by the wee-men. She gets her mouth on midget Zezinho's fat hard dick immediately and starts working it like the good slut she is. He's got an impressive fat dick for such a little man, and slutty Erika gives him the full-shlong blowjob treatment, taking it deep in her throat and getting facefucked hard. She bends over and takes a wicked doggy-style pounding from this midget, and then smothers his face with her backside and shaved clam. Her nano tits are amazing on her skinny frame, and this half-pint fucker loves to pump her plump pussy lips with his hog. She sucks him to a large cumshot.

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Midgets like it big – Stella Marie

Posted by warmonkey on March 14, 2010
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For a while now, I’ve been an affiliate with Lords of Porn, the nice folks who brought you Whore Lore, and thought I’d take a few minutes to see what new content they have, and how much money I haven’t made. Anyway, it’s always quite amusing to see a bit of midget porn, so I was pleased to see that they have a new site – Midgets Like It Big.

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